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Rooferz, Inc. began as an eco-conscious, entrepreneurial recycling of brand new roof shingles. These come about from a standard business to purchase extras to cover for unforeseen circumstances on a job. From here came the curiosity and an exploration on what it would be like to roof.

The founder of the company, Andrew Warwick, discovered it was a job made in heaven for him. It combined his natural physical abilities and mental acuity to perfection. He began his training by working for a number of roofing companies. With each one, his goal was to make mental notes on the best practices he saw for each aspect of the process.

He was able to develop and further refine these and implement them on the roofs of his clients. As a result, he continues to get recommendations from very satisfied homeowners and businesses.

At the heart of it, Andrew relishes how roofing is all about relationships. He knows the depth of trust you are giving him and finds deep fulfillment in honoring this.

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